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The IDOL Digital Service Learning Toolkit is now Live

Momentum are working on the IDOL project. Intergenerational Digital Service Learning (IDOL) will equip university staff to introduce digital tandem teaching skills to older and younger students.

IDOL aims to design and develop a new teaching approach which empowers HEI staff and lecturers to implement intergenerational digital service learning through; innovative modes of collaboration, improved digital skills and better understanding of the role of service learning not just a “third mission” activity but as an essential part of HE educational mission.

The Digital Service-Learning Toolkit is now live.

The Toolkit will provide practical guidance and tools for HEI educators and lecturers, wishing to incorporate digital service-learning activities into their curricula/teaching strategies, with a focus on increasing their confidence in using digital tools. These tools will practically support HEI staff, students and the older learners to practically implement the service-learning project either partially or fully online.

You can download your free copy of the guide here. Or you can read it online.

To find out more about the project please visit the website:

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