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The IDOL Project Transnational Meeting in Sweden

Leon was in Uppsala, Sweden recently for the transnational partner meeting of the IDOL – Intergenerational Digital Service Learning Project. The project partners discussed the progress of the project and reviewed the feedback for the resources.

IDOL aims to design and develop a new teaching approach which empowers HEI staff and lecturers to implement intergenerational digital service learning through; innovative modes of collaboration, improved digital skills and better understanding of the role of service learning not just a “third mission” activity but as an essential part of HE educational mission.

We invite you to explore the resources:

The Intergenerational Digital Service Learning  Good Practice Compendium targets HEI educators and HE managers who are interested in the topic of Service-Learning with an intergenerational and digital component and want to introduce this new approach of Service-Learning into their organisations.

The Intergenerational Digital Service Learning Toolkit is a guide on the use of relevant digital tools/apps and how they can be implemented in a digital service-learning context.

The Intergenerational Digital Service Learning hackathon guide introduces HEI lecturers and
staff to the concept of a hackathon on intergenerational digital ServiceLearning techniques & tools and guides them on how to facilitate digital Service-Learning projects for students and older learners.

To find out more about the project please visit the website:


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