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The Importance of the Day One in Europe Project

The Day One in Europe project has become so important in the last few weeks. Imagine being a child and having to move from your home with no warning. Not just your home either, your country. Leaving behind everything that you’ve ever known. Making a long journey without your friends and your toys, in some cases even without your parents. When you arrive at your destination, you find that the majority of people don’t understand you. It must be such a frightening and bewildering situation to be in.

Day One in Europe stops language becoming a barrier, and looks at other ways for children to communicate and to feel included. We are showing ways to communicate through music, food, writing and play and allowing children to showcase their own culture and who they are. The project will create resources within these 5 areas of work: LUNCH BOX, MUSIC BOX, MAIL BOX, PLAYING BOX and LANGUAGE BOX.
These resources will be based on experimentation, research and exchange of good practices in the sector.

For example: The aim of the “lunch box” is to link the food and the acquisition of the host country’s language, as well as to enrich children’s education about food and taste with an anthropologically based approach.

Since eating makes people happy, once food and cooking are involved, people tend to be more accepting of new experiences. Food has the power to mediate towards friendships and it breaks barriers. it gives a sense of appreciation for those who are being fed, and those who provide the food it brings a sense of pride. Day One in Europe utilises these facts and eases the transition to a new country for migrant families and children.

We are proud to be involved in such an important and relevant project, along with our project partners from Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, and Malta.

You can find out more about the project on the website:

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