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The InDo Project Hybrid Meeting in Leitrim

It was a pleasure to host the InDo (Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction) Project Hybrid Meeting in our Leitrim office recently.

The COVID-19 global outbreak resulted in a sudden transformation of classrooms from their usual face-to-face setting to their digital form (e-classroom).  This drastic shift and the now mainstreaming of digital education has led many European educators to realise that these teaching and learning approaches can potentially impoverish those who teach and those who learn.

Some of these educators have come together in the InDo project which outlines a vision for high-quality, inclusive, and accessible digital education in Europe. InDo promotes this vision by improving the digital skills of educators in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through high-quality learning content and user-friendly tools. InDo creates confident and digitally competent teachers to maximize students’ capacity in the 21st classrooms.

InDo is aligned to the goals set by the Digital Education Action Plan 2021 – 2027, which seek to ensure that educators, as well as training staff are digitally competent and confident. Within this context, the following resources are going to be achieved during and upon the InDo project completion:

  • A Curriculum (available online as an interactive resource) covering the needs of ΗΕ for inclusive classrooms and fostering the educators with skills and attitudes
  • A Compendium of experiential laboratory and Benchmarking for “Pedagogies for Innovative Classrooms” is going to be developed
  • An App “InDo app for the 21st Century Classroom”
  • A Policy Recommendation Report after consultation with representative stakeholders

Great progress was made during our meeting, including indepth exchanges around teaching and learning in higher education. We’ll tell you more about the InDo Project in the coming months.

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