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The latest issue of REVALORISE+ e-zine has landed!

The second issue of the REVALORISE+ e-zine is now live. It features interesting case studies of researchers bringing their social sciences and humanities research into real life. The e-zine also focuses on summarising the main findings of the research phase of the project and a detailed look at the Synthesis Report on the field of valorisation. Throughout its pages, you will discover how researchers make their research publicly available with a detailed look at Memorandum Unlimited and #YoxTiLeo. Download your free copy here:

You can also download the first edition of the REVALORISE+ Magazine here. The first issue encourages you to explore the concept, highlighting the motivation and the vision of our project as well as the key activities the consortium will undertake over the next 3 years.

REVALORISE+ recognises that to date, policy-makers, research funders and university boards have prioritised pursuing the immediate returns of research valorisation through licencing and patenting of the so called ‘hard sciences’ (i.e STEM) over the more intangible, longer-term returns and social impact of activity in the social sciences and humanities.

We are a team of SSH experts, academics and researcher with a shared mission and passion to remedy this.  We invite you to join us as we identify, map, develop, organise, recognise and champion the societal value and impact of social sciences and humanities research.

You can find out more about REVALORISE+ on the website:

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