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The Leadership for Diversity Project Meeting in Groningen

The second transnational partner meeting of the Leadership for Diversity Project took place in the beautiful city of Groningen in the Netherlands. This was a great chance for the project partners to reflect on the progress of the project to date, and to make plans for the future.

Leadership for Diversity is a project addressing the need for multicultural understanding in a classroom setting. They are empowering education leaders to work in diverse classrooms. In such a setting, we must address intercultural differences so that everyone can learn better together and work successfully in classrooms.

The Leadership for Diversity team are working on tools that will enable school leaders and educators to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, thereby helping to build inclusive societies.

Project Objectives 

  • To build leadership for a diversity training programme and online learning environment to improve the professional profiles of the target group and promote more inclusive schools.
  • Innovation through the skills and competencies developed by the project which are more transformative than any current offer of training for the school leaders. We recognize that the training must cover gaps in their knowledge, but also build on their existing skills.
  • Using Design-Based Education, we address intercultural competencies such as positive attitudes toward cultural diversity, communicative ability or competence, ability to handle conflicts in intercultural situations, and awareness of one’s own culture and how it influences one’s own view and interpretation of reality.

Find out more about the project on the website.

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