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The LGBTQI+ Youth Net Training Event in Strasbourg

Lola was in Strasbourg recently for the LGBTQI+ Youth Net Training event. The transnational partner meeting also took place in Strasbourg, and it was perfect timing to discuss the project, as it also coincided with pride week. 

The LGBTIQ YOUTH NET project is tackling the rising issue of online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech, which affects the mental health and well-being of vulnerable youth. With over 84% of youth recognising the presence of online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech, and more than 91% feeling threatened by it, there’s an urgent need to equip these individuals with the skills to combat this form of hate speech. Amidst a digital landscape that has amplified such issues, the project aims to foster resilience, promote inclusivity, and create safer online spaces for youth, especially those within the LGBTIQ community.

The partners had a chance to monitor the project tasks and special attention was paid to the implementation of the project results at the local level and the strategy for ensuring the project’s sustainability. 

Lola gave a presentation about Activism for Hate Speech. She defined the meaning of activism and gave examples of how people can become activists. She also defined Hate Speech according to the UN and the three attributes of hate speech. Lola invited an Irish activist and educator speak about his journey into activism, and the presentation concluded with an exercise to create a video which set each partner’s mission statement into how they would become an activist against hate speech towards the LGBTQI+ community.  


Juliette Marchet from Antenne Inclusive Saint Guillaume, based in Strasbourg, was one of the speakers at the training event. Juliette shared some of the many inclusive activities and projects that take place in Strasbourg City. It was inspiring listening to Juliette speak about Inclusive Saint Guilluame, a group that has been formed by allies and LGBTQI+ community.  


Thanks to Antenne Inclusive Saint Guillaume and Strasbourg City for being such wonderful hosts to the LGBTIQ+ Youth Net Project. It was a pleasure to meet up with our project partners again. 


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