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The NatAlli Project Kick-off Meeting in Germany

This week in Münster, Germany Momentum joined six partners to celebrate the first meeting of NatAlli – a mentoring programme to train and accompany highly educated Ukrainian women to act as entrepreneurs and agents of regeneration. The project seeks to establish an online community of women who can support and learn from each other, to foster intergenerational learning and knowledge transfer between women at different career stages.  

Over the next 30 months, under the leadership of Nelli Scharapow from FH Munster, NatAlli will progress through five main activities. The first phase gives strategic foresight to inform the design and development of a mentoring programme. Impact Hub Amsterdam will undertake the design, development and delivery of the NatAlli Mentoring Programme supported by Impact Hub Odessa. At the same time, Momentum is responsible for the creation of the NatAlli Platform as a virtual ecosystem as well as sharing and promoting the project. UIIN will facilitate and host the NatAlli Bootcamp in Amsterdam with International European University, Ukraine setting out a NatAlli Sustainability Blueprint to highlight points of adaptation and standardisation of such approaches that can be used in times of crisis or post-crisis.  

We’re excited to be part of an initiative that will facilitate the development of the next generation of women entrepreneurs and innovators capable of influencing and contributing to the regeneration process of their economies, as well as offer opportunities for HEIs in Ukraine and the European Union to exchange knowledge and educate.

Thank you to partners REACH – EUREGIO START-UP CENTER at WESTFAELISCHE WILHELMS-UNIVERSITAET MUENSTER for hosting this event and giving us a tour of their inspiring and innovative centre. 

We’ll give you further updates about the NatAlli project as it progresses.  


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