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The Promise Project – Promoting Refugee and Migrant Integration through Education

We have been busy working on PROMISE and it’s a subject that is very close to our hearts and such an important topic. The project is now coming to an end so we can share the findings with you. Below you will see details of the course content overview.

It can be very difficult for refugees and migrants to settle into a new country. When you just stop and think about it; imagine if you have just arrived in a new country, there could be a language barrier or even a barrier as to where to go for information. PROMISE aimed to help, as experts from Ireland, the UK, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy pooled their knowledge and came up with a number of resources.

PROMISE was all about inclusion. It was about assisting those who may not be able to find their voice in their new host country. Not only did the project help migrants and refugees, it also raised awareness of educators, organizations and stakeholders of the most effective approaches to competence development in intercultural adult education.

PROMISE sought out the best practice across Europe when it came to the provision of learning opportunities for refugees and recently arrived migrants. The Toolkit has been researched thoroughly and can help create an educated community around refugees and migrants in order to ensure that they are fully integrated into their new society. You can see the findings of the pilot testing on the graphic below and you can download the Social Inclusion Toolkit here:

The PROMISE online educational course aimed to provide refugees and migrants with an interactive set of learning resources to gain the knowledge, skills and cultural “know how” they need to successfully integrate socially, culturally and professionally to their new community. The course is available in a number of different languages and you can take the course in your own time:

There is also a lot of information for educators and host organizations over on the website and we invite you to take a look and spread the word to anyone who you may feel will benefit:



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