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The REVALORISE+ Project Meeting in Finland

Samantha Carty is our lead on Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances projects, one such project that Samantha is working on is REVALORISE+. She recently visited Finland to meet with project partners to discuss their achievements and next steps. 

REVALORISE+ is now in its third year of working to enhance the entrepreneurial potential and social impact of social sciences and humanities (SSH) research. 

The meeting was hosted by Crazy Town Oy, a community-driven coworking and business accelerator in Finland. Following the 3- month training programme for SSH researchers, Crazy Town was the ideal location for the REVALORISE+  partners, to discuss the feedback from the participants and get a better understanding of a community that can support and facilitate early-stage start-ups.  However, profit is not the only reason to consider the financial side of knowledge creation – social impact, sustainability, recognition and support for the next generation of researchers are also important. 

The main goal of REVALORISE+ is to develop a new generation of SSH valorisation champions who are empowered and enabled to use their research to impact society. With this as a central focus for the meeting, the partners held an immersive, hands-on workshop around the training programme feedback and evaluation with a view to ensuring the future sustainability of the project. Later this year, the project partners look forward to meeting in Vienna for a showcase event of the REVALORISE+ programme.

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