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The SECure Project (SME Early Crisis Toolkit) newsletter is now live

The SECure Project is one that will be of interest to all SMEs. The Project will help SME owners to identify and analyse Early-Warning-Indicators of business crisis and to develop suitable measures to prevent or overcome the crisis.

SMEs have undisputed significance in driving Europe’s economic growth, accounting for 85% of new jobs and 66% of private sector employment. As such, the quality and relevance of the vocational entrepreneurship education provided for new and existing entrepreneurs plays a key role in achieving the 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The SECure Project newsletter is now live and is full of interesting information. You can explore the first outputs from the project, which include:

Output 1
Early Warning Indicators and Solution Framework

Output 2
Open Online Platform 

Output 3
Green Strategy 

You can read the newsletter, and download the free resources here:

You can also follow SECure on Social Media:


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SECure is an Erasmus+ Project bringing together partners from Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Spain. 





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