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The SHINE Project – Transnational Partner Meeting in Belfast

Lola was in Belfast recently for the SHINE Project Transnational Partner meeting. It’s strange how life works out, as Sanja featured Lola as a case study when the project first started and now Lola is working for us and also working on the project.

The partners discussed the final stages of the project and are planning events to showcase the SHINE project outcomes. The aim of SHINE is to upskill women with the knowledge and behaviours necessary to confidently and successfully transition into leadership roles in their third sector or community workplace.

SHINE also targets EDUCATION PROVIDERS (VET colleges, enterprise agencies, local authorities, HEIs) who recognise the value of training future leaders in 3rd sector, but lack understanding of the macro need, their role as changemakers and the pedagogical strategies to teach others.

The immediate result of the SHINE project is the development, implementation and mainstreaming of targeted training resources to fulfil women’s potential as future leaders.

The first tangible results of the project are the intellectual outputs, which work together to address the gaps in attitudes, policy, knowledge and skills that organisations need to move towards more inclusive practices:

At an individual level, women develop their ‘voice’ and are confident about taking on greater challenges in their professional careers and in their communities, they understand leadership skillset and components of effective leadership in contemporary communities and identify areas of professional and civic development and they possess the practical skills to exercise leadership for positive change in their communities: problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity etc.

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Shine is an EU Erasmus+ Project bringing together partners and experts from Dungannon Enterprise Centre (DEC), Queen’s University Belfast- The William J Clinton Leadership Institute, Meridaunia Local Action Group, Momentum, European E-learning Institute (EUEI) and The European YWCA

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