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The Surviving Digital Good Practice Guide is now live

Our project Surviving Digital / Survivreau Digital has just released an insightful Study: Identification of innovative practices to support the fight against screen addiction.

In recent years, scientific studies have shown the harmful effects of overexposure to screens of small children. Currently, no practice has been developed which effectively helps adult educators combatting this trend.

This study conducted from the project partners aimed to:

  • Identify some of the potential obstacles adults might face when trying to minimize screen usage in child rearing.
  • Identify practices that can assist the development of new learning materials, which can be appropriated by healthcare professionals who wish to set up their own processes of capacitation against the overexposure to screens.
  • Support the acquisition of skills by people with fewer opportunities, based on their knowledge, so that they can become “ambassadors” and accompany the reflection and training of their peers.

The guide introduces an innovative approach for combating screen addiction and gives helpful guidance for individuals as well as for parents, teachers, health care providers, and others. It provides resources to assist people in comprehending the causes of their addiction and creating plans to overcome it, as well as advice to promote healthy screen use.

Check out the guide here: 

Survivre au Digital is led by the Health Service of the Ville de Saint-Denis and aims to raise awareness among adults and children of the risks associated with the over-use of screens.
Momentum is joined by Le LABA, IASIS NGO, Institut de recherche et d’innovation , materahub and European E-learning Institute

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