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The Surviving Digital Podcast Interview with Le Laba

We’re working on the Surviving Digital Project. The project aims to equip community care organizations, health professionals and social/cultural educators to create new programs that provide parents with the tools, knowledge and resources to tackle difficulties relating to screen addiction in their young children.

In recent years, scientific studies have shown the harmful effects of overexposure to screens of small children. Currently, no practice has been developed which effectively helps adult educators combatting this trend. The Surviving Digital Project has recently produced a Good Practice Guide which focuses on the identification of innovative practices to support the fight against screen addiction. You can find the guide here:

Leon from Momentum caught up with Maud Gari & Jessica Favarel from Le Laba. You can find out more about Le Laba and the Surviving Digital project on our podcast.

Find out more about Surviving Digital on the website: 

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