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The WIL Power International Network Club Meeting

Time has surely flown since we had our WIL Power International Network Club Meeting at the end of March. It was great to see such energy and enthusiam in our virtual meeting and we have really enjoyed meeting all the members. The objective of the project is clear: to develop innovative vocational education and training that will assist women working in transport and logistics to progress to leadership roles within their companies and organisations.

We were delighted to welcome our guest speaker Megan Yeates and Megan has kindly allowed us to share her presentation, in case you missed the event. Megan is the Number One expert in the World for Freight Forwarding and she’s a huge inspiration to women in logistics. You can also follow Megan on her blog and find out more about her career here: My Worldskills Journey (

The WIL Power Linkedin group is open for networking so please join, comment and post as you like:

The WIL Power Project also has a free course, that you can take at your own time, online, and you can start discussions there, and learn about your role in logistics, at your own pace, in your language:

We hope you use these free resources and opportunities to network and create a brighter future for women in logistics, starting with yourself.  As we can see from the latest events in the world, the logistics sector is the one the world relies on to keep big issues, such as poverty under control. We know that the world needs you and we hope you feel inspired.

The WIL POWER Network Clubs have been created using the principles of women-in-business networks and mentoring programmes, which have been proven to be highly effective in boosting skills and confidence of potential leaders. The WIL POWER project team have created 4 dynamic Networks spanning Europe, Poland, UK, Germany and Ireland.

These Networks actively engage women in Transport and Logistics to network and participate actively with their peers, in mentoring support and motivational peer to peer learning. This will stimulate individuals and encourage them to become agents of change for gender equality within the sector. You can sign up to be a member of the network on the link below, and hopefully we’ll see you at our next meeting:

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