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The Wil Power Project – Women in Logistics

We’d like to introduce you to a very interesting project. Wil Power – Women in Logistics.

The objective of Wil Power is clear: to develop innovative vocational education and training that will assist women working in transport and logistics to progress to leadership roles within their companies and organizations.

The Logistics sector has always been a male dominated workforce and the Wil Power project aims to change that. The sector is believed to only have 10% of women working at board level, and female participation across the industry currently runs at less than 25%.

The majority of women are natural multitaskers, they also show patience and empathy, these are perfect skills when it comes to planning and also diffusing possible confrontational issues. We’ve read numerous studies that have shown that gender diversity in the workforce not only fosters collaboration, understanding, and tolerance, but also boosts competitiveness, productivity, and corporate social responsibility.

The Wil Power Project will develop and create three practical resources:

Training Course for Women in Transport and Logistics – this course will target women already working in the sector.

Professional Women in Logistics Network- Will use the principles of women-in-business networks and mentoring programmes, which have been proven to be highly effective, to boost skills and confidence of potential female leaders.

Good Practice Toolkit for promoting Female Leadership in Transport and Logistics- Aimed at Transport and Logistics companies directly, this resource presents practical opportunities for companies to encourage equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace.

WIL POWER hopes to create an enthusiastic response from women within the sector as well as leading organisations in transport and logistics leading to big changes across the entire sector.

You can find out more about this project over on the website:

There is also a Linked In group so you can join in the conversation:


Wilpower is an Erasmus+ project of  the following European experts – Federation of Associations of Scientifically Technical Notes Council of the Zachodniopomorski Region (Poland) together with Education Mobility Grid GbR (Germany), Akademia Pomorska W Slupsku (Poland), Momentum Marketing Services Limited (Ireland), Canice Consulting Limited (UK), and ELA 

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