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An Introduction to the Nudging 360° Project

We’d like to introduce you to the Nudging 360° Project. The project addresses the digital transformation in Higher Education by using nudging and self-nudging to enhance HE educators’ digital competencies.

Nudging is a concept in behavioral economics and psychology that refers to the use of subtle, non-coercive interventions to influence the choices and behaviors of individuals or groups. The goal of nudging is to steer people towards making better decisions without limiting their freedom of choice.

Digital nudging is the practice of using digital interfaces, such as websites, apps, or other online platforms, to influence people’s behavior in a positive way. It involves using small design features or interventions, such as default settings, framing, social proof, or feedback, to guide users towards a desired action or choice.

The project team met in January, 2023 at the kick-off meeting in Mechelen, Belgium, and began working on the goals of the project. Laurence got a bit of a surprise when his boarding pass was checked by Michael O’Leary – CEO of Ryanair. The project partners enjoyed meeting in-person, after so many online meetings.

You can read the results of the partner meeting on the website, a great deal of progress was made and the partners are looking forward to the next phase of the project.

The next phase consists of six in-depth interviews that each partner conducts with education experts and IT specialists that are familiar with digital nudging. The project team will also ask students about their nudging behavior.

You can find out more about Nudging 360° by visiting the website:


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