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New project launches to accelerate the future potential of Higher Education institutions

A new research and innovation project, Accelerate Future HEI, which focuses on supporting and enhancing the capability of higher education institutions (HEIs), launched in Amsterdam on 18th January 2023.

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can positively impact regional and Europe-wide social and economic development through education, research and engagement.  However, they require targeted support to enhance their capability to fully realise their potential.  Accelerate Future HEI will develop and test acceleration services, to equip HEIs with the skills and capacity to drive their institutional transformation towards becoming more entrepreneurial and innovative institutions over the next four years.

Hosted by the lead partner, University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), the ambitious project brings together twelve European partners to develop and implement acceleration services.  Speaking as the partners met for the first time in Amsterdam, Sarah Jaber, Business Development Manager, UIIN, explains, “There will be many opportunities to get involved and benefit from Accelerate Future HEI. It is an exciting and important time to focus on the future potential of HEIs.  As experts in engaged, entrepreneurial, and innovative universities and university-business collaboration, UIIN is delighted to lead partners on this journey to collaboratively  gain an understanding of the higher education status quo and desired future state, develop a roadmap and subsequently implement and support programs of change for HEIs through expert coaching, training and peer learning in a network that will sustain far beyond the scope of the project.”

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As part of the project, the “acceleration partners” will work together with two existing HEI consortia as part of the European University Alliance and EIT HEI Innovation Capacity Building initiatives to design the methodology for acceleration services, which the HEI partners will test through developing and implementing institutional transformation projects. Not only will the project directly benefit the acceleration of the involved HEIs, but it will also further provide key learnings and policy recommendations to support the acceleration of entrepreneurial and innovative HEIs across Europe.

Accelerate Future HEI is funded under the Horizon Europe programme, the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.  The Horizon Europe programme facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while tackling global challenges. Moreover, it supports the creation and better diffusion of excellent knowledge and technologies.

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