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Sanja’s Story: My Move to Germany

A year and a half ago, I’ve started a new chapter in my life, again. I’ve moved countries, again, became new to the place, to the community, kick-started a new adventure for the second time in my life. The first time was when I moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Ireland in 2015. A very different move, unsupported in terms of jobs and very risky indeed. That one worked out fantastically, not that it was easy. But yes, a success, growth, adventure; life happened. My husband and I did the move together, fought through it together and our biggest award was and still is our little daughter. Then again, in December 2020, we jumped again. Three of us, plus our support system.

The support system came in the form of Momentum, Orla Casey and the team. What do you call the person who says yes to your wildest dreams: yes to remote work, yes to us in Germany, yes to new ideas and projects, yes to being your employer in such life-changing undertakings? Do you call her the boss, manager, leader, friend? How do you put all these words together, plus add a team to it, whole supportive, gentle, agile Momentum crowd? I’d say they are the Support System, the sort of families and friends are.

So with all the enthusiasm from Momentum, and my own, heightened by my ecstatic family, being just so grateful we are coming closer to them, we moved to Germany, the enchanting Baden Wurttemberg. We have replaced the mesmerising trails of the Irish Wild Atlantic Way, the openness of the ocean, for the deep and inviting Black Forest. Those lakes, for these ones. Welcoming people on both sides. No point in comparing. Both places have a strong impact on our hearts and we are determined to enjoy having these geographies on our life maps forever and cherish them with pride. Bosnia certainly never left our hearts, and it’s all becoming a beautiful magical potion of mixed heritage, adventures, sights and stories.

As for the work, the world of opportunities has opened and multiplied, with the same logic beauty in my eyes multiplies when I close my eyes and see the ocean, followed by forests. Synergy might have been a vague word some years ago, but once you understand what it means, it makes complete sense. Today, when the remote work has made us all remember that we are humans first, roles and titles much after, that, it becomes so clear which values are ripe for implementation. Kindness, friendship, collaboration instead of fear of competition. These are the values that bring synergy like a big bang blast to anyone who understands it. Wherever we go, any one of us from Momentum, we make friends, we create positive effects, ripple effects. Moving from Ireland to Germany means I am here, and I am there in Ireland. It means also Orla is here, Grace is here, Gillian, Paula, Ivan, Samantha, Val, Laura, Con, Laurence, Lola and Mark, the whole Momentum team – all here. It means: Germany here come the educators, innovators, food experts, inclusion experts, culture experts, marketers, designers, developers, communicators. It means: Ireland, here we go exploring the new frontiers and we are open and grateful enough to bring it all together, to suit all and stand in no one’s way.

Synergy, respect and growth, education and innovation, this is where we are and what we build, while exploring beyond borders, what impact our projects and ideas can make, to improve the lives of our clients, supporters, communities across Europe.

Author: Sanja Ivandic

Photos by Vedran Ivandic

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