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About the Project

Activating Young Rural Development (ACORN) is an Erasmus+ youth project that aims to engage, empower, and inspire young people in rural areas to become active citizens, co-creators, and implementers of rural development initiatives. ACORN strives to create a more prosperous, interconnected, and strong rural Europe, particularly for rural youth.


Project Description

ACORN is to develop and implement a new suite of resources including a transferable mechanism for youth inclusive rural development in four European regions during the lifetime of the project. Our ultimate goal is to engage, empower and inspire rural young people to become active citizens, co-creators and implementors of rural development initiatives that affect them and their future.  

ACORN aims to design and implement a youth-orientated rural development programme to create lasting change in four European regions (Roscommon, Idrija, Tiétar Valley, and Malta). By including policymakers, practitioners and beneficiaries across the realms of youth and rural development as our target groups, ACORN reinforces links between policy, research and practice in and for rural youth development.

There will be several project outputs: 

Young Rural Developers Challenges and Opportunities Report
Young Rural Developers Compendium
Young Rural Developers Podcast
Young Rural Developers Toolkit
A Guidebook for the Development of a Sustainable Rural Youth Assembly
Four Rural Youth Assemblies, hosted in Spain, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia

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