About the Project

BALANCE supports and equips women and their workplace leaders to better manage work-life balance in a changed working world. The results of the project will be improved digital balance for users and management techniques for reducing stress and anxiety within the modern work environment. We aim to raise awareness of the need for female work-life balance materials, while also boosting the capacity of adult education providers in implementing these materials.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a series of challenges. One of these included the effect it took on women and their work-life balance. Research has found that there has been a drastic increase in rates of women’s stress and mental health concerns, however there is little practical support available on how to prevent it.

BALANCE will highlight ways in which we can adapt and support the remote workforce, lessen the burden and enhance gender equality. We will up-skill Adult Education providers, closing the skills gap and enabling the successful up-skilling of existing supervisors and leaders in the workplace. BALANCE will produce a generation of skilled leaders, aware of the pitfalls of online working, but prepared to avoid and overcome these issues leading to a healthier digital balance by providing high quality, accessible learning materials.

The project results include a Library of Experiences which is a platform housing an innovative safe space where women can voice their issues and receive “real life” advice from other women. A Better BALANCE guide with practical information on the delivery of Better BALANCE coaching, workshops and tools to equip Adult Educators with the knowledge and understanding to up-skill their learners, helping them to manage remote working, digital drain, prevent burnout and recognise the imbalances in their lives. The BALANCE Online Course, which will be multilingual, inclusive and interactive is designed to enhance the previous materials, whilst also enabling distance/flexible learning. The online course will aid supervisors and team leaders in learning the skills for walking the tightrope of managing staff after a pandemic.

Project Manager

EU Project Specialist

Samantha is our lead on Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances and Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation projects, which bring higher education institutions and businesses together to work on common issues. Through this work, Momentum partner with over 50 leading HEI education bodies across Europe.  

With a B. Sc. Communications, TU Dublin, a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, and a Certificate in Psychology, Maynooth University, Samantha utilises her skills and experience in communications and client services to passionately share and promote the work of Spanning Boundaries – between academia and industry ( , We R In (, SME Cluster Growth ( &  Revalorise .

Samantha lives and works in County Roscommon. As a committed tea drinker and chocolate fiend, she loves nothing more than donning a hoodie to walk (or run) her rescue collie dog, with her two daughters.  

LinkedIn: Samantha (Rowntree) Carty | LinkedIn