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About the Project

CollaboratiVET aims to revolutionise the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector across Europe by integrating a Flipped Approach for an innovative and collaborative learning environment. This project equips VET educators with the skills needed for the 21st-century classrooms.


Project Description

CollaboratiVET is enhancing Vocational Education and Training (VET) by implementing innovative digital strategies. This project’s core mission is to develop a collaborative environment in VET institutions through the integration of the Flipped Approach, which reverses the traditional learning model by engaging students in homework at school and instructional content at home, supporting a more interactive and learner-centric experience.

A primary objective of CollaboratiVET is to increase the effectiveness and appeal of VET programs, aligning with current labour market demands and embracing modern pedagogical methodologies. The project aims to establish a robust framework for collaboration among educators, enabling them to create inclusive and engaging educational experiences that cater to diverse learner needs.

In partnership with various European educational entities, CollaboratiVET is set to develop a comprehensive curriculum that promotes active and participatory learning. The project also focuses on creating a suite of digital tools and resources, including a toolbox of 20 collaborative activities designed to enrich the VET teaching and learning processes.

CollaboratiVET addresses the digital transformation in education by empowering VET educators with the skills to effectively utilise digital tools, enhancing their teaching methodologies and improving student outcomes. The project is also dedicated to creating a European network of VET providers, sharing best practices and innovative approaches to education.

Through workshops, seminars and collaborative events, CollaboratiVET ensures continuous professional development for educators, encouraging them to adopt innovative practices and technologies. The project’s impact extends beyond the classroom, influencing educational policies and practices at a national and European level, advocating for a stronger integration of digital strategies in VET.

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