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About the Project

data set is an Erasmus Plus project that will improve the quality and relevance of entrepreneurship education by improving the ability of VET and HEI policy makers and practitioners to understand, teach and develop smart data, thus providing business owners, early stage entrepreneurs and students with solid smart data skills training which they will use to help grow their businesses.

The data set project will respond to these needs by pursuing the following objectives:

  • develop and publish a Guide to Data Skills Development (IO1) to educate entrepreneurship trainers on the current state of data skills and skills building strategies
  • create a smart data skills training model, comprising OERs (IO2) such as curriculum, trainers guide, lesson plans and suggested content and learning exercises
  • train the first generation of data set Trainers (learning activity) and widely disseminate the OERs to encourage rapid integration of the training into current entrepreneurship and business support provision
  • develop and promote an online data set course (IO3) to maximise access to the new training and reinforce classroom delivery.

data set will involve at least 60 entrepreneurship educators as participants in the testing of these outputs and we will organize a Train the Trainers Learning Activity in Denmark for 14 educators, who will return to their organizations ready to begin training SMEs and early stage entrepreneurs and students in smart data skills. At least 155 representatives of VET organizations providing entrepreneurship education and relevant stakeholders will participate in five multiplier events in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, and Netherlands.

On completion, the project will have made it possible for current and future generations of entrepreneurs to access effective, practical training on generation, management and analysis of digital data as applied to their business model. The long-term result will be improved business growth and higher levels of digital competencies within the small business sector because they will be able to:

  • craft and implement integrated data capture activities
  • carry out data interpretation and analysis to gain insights into market opportunities, employee performance, revenue streams and customer behaviour and more
  • adjust business strategies accordingly

More information on the project is available on the project website and on the LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

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