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About the Project

DATAVISUAL seeks to modernize VET by embedding cutting-edge Big Data visualisation skills, enhancing job opportunities and aligning training with market needs, especially post-COVID-19.


Project Description

DATAVISUAL is a transformative project under Erasmus+ aimed at upskilling professionals and improving employability through advanced data visualisation skills. This 24-month initiative focuses on adapting VET to the evolving labour market influenced by digital transformation and the economic shifts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project’s objectives are multifaceted: developing innovative digital skills through a unique educational framework that combines e-learning with practical, work-based applications. DATAVISUAL addresses the urgent need for advanced technical competencies in Big Data, which is increasingly critical in a data-driven global economy.

Key activities of DATAVISUAL include the development of comprehensive training materials and webinars on data visualisation and storytelling, which will be immediately accessible for online teaching. Furthermore, the project will introduce an Open Badge Certification system, ensuring that the competencies gained are recognized and valued across Europe.

Through its consortium, which includes educational institutions and digital innovation companies from Malta, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland, DATAVISUAL is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact. The collaboration aims to create a robust curriculum that bridges the gap between traditional VET offerings and the demands of modern industries, particularly in graphic design and data analysis.

The expected outcomes are substantial: professionals and unemployed individuals in the graphic design sector will acquire market-relevant skills, enhancing their employability. Additionally, VET providers will be equipped to deliver cutting-edge training that aligns with the needs of the digital economy, creating a more resilient educational ecosystem in Europe.

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