About the Project

DISCOVER is an Erasmus+ project which drives improvements in the quality and outcomes of community-based education programmes by upskilling adult educators via high quality digital pedagogy training and the use of digital learning tools.

Digital technologies have been shown to have great potential as drivers of improvements in all types of education, but they have a particularly important role to play in non-formal education for disadvantaged adult learners among many other benefits. As such, the DISCOVER project seeks to motivate and equip adult educators with the knowledge and skills to overcome the barriers and better integrate digital teaching and learning for the benefit of adult learners.

We are currently working on a number of key resources to expedite this:

  • a Guide to Digital and Mobile Teaching (IO1) to educate the educators on the strategic importance of digital pedagogy and the competences required of them as 21st century educators
  • a practical, interactive Toolkit (IO2) presenting the most valuable digital and mobile tools and the innovative ways in which they overcome learning barriers among low-skilled adults
  • an online platform (IO3) to consolidate educators’ new digital competences, enabling them to practice in a supportive environment and receive peer support

The immediate result of the project will be to improve access to high quality digital pedagogy training Adult Education teachers and trainers in community-based organisations.

You can find out more about this project on the DISCOVER website:


Project Manager


Project Manager