EMPOWER – Erasmus+

About the Project

The EMPOWER project is designed to significantly improve the ability of young people to critically assess their engagement with digital & social media and to make responsible choices about how they wish to consume and share online.

PROMOTING EMPOWERMENT – We will teach young adults about the risks of online communication and provide tools and strategies on how to safeguard themselves. We will also provide them with positive and highly practical skills to communicate effectively and express their citizenship online and in their social and education/professional spheres.

DEVELOPMENT OF VET TEACHERS – The EMPOWER Project will create a Teachers’ Guide to Digital Pedagogy which will specifically assist VET teachers and community youth leaders to integrate digital media into their daily activities in a way that is aligned with the goals of digital literacy and active citizenship as a transversal skill.

Find out more about this project www.empowerme-project.eu


Project Manager


Project Manager