Escape 2

About the Project

Supporting the Development of Transnational Thematic Tourism. ESCAPE 2 focuses on developing a Transnational Thematic Tourism Strategy integrating natural culture and heritage in the rural tourism sector for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.

The ESCAPE Project partners span across Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Ireland, Romania, Portugal and Greece to ensure inclusive representation of rural regions across Europe countries and territories with a lower level of productivity and employment but rich in landscapes and heritage. ESCAPE focuses on rural and mountain areas of these European countries which remain, in many cases, basically marginalized. It responds to the challenges that exist by utilising a High Quality Rural Tourism Strategy as an innovation driver and learning stimula for startups & spin-offs, building unique skills and competences for people working in different spheres of rural tourism sector. It will lead to more innovation and labour market opportunities.

ESCAPE2 project addresses specific needs detected in these areas: relatively scarce or non-existent experiences of rural tourism with integrated strategies and integrated development policy/territorial focused on tourism as a key element for economic growth;

  • Low level of awareness about the economic potentiality of rural areas and added value tourism chains
  • Lack of quality facilities or services for tourist need of a high level of engagement and stronger communication by all stakeholders at all level (within the whole tourism chain) and lack of cooperation among local actors/stakeholders/policymakers
  • Lack of clear definition of the market segment to be attracted (kinds of visitor)
  • Lack of efficient marketing activities and integrated communication plan targeting potential tourists/beneficiaries, lovers of fitness activities and outdoor sports for the health, physical shape and to escape from the daily routine.

This said, the main objective of the project is to develop a common STRATEGY that integrates all participating countries and allows for an effective impact on local communities and economy.  The ESCAPE resources will help such communities to do the same.

FREE Resources

  1. Mapping & Strategy for Rural Tourism Development
  2. Course focusing on topics such as Potential for Rural Tourism in Regions, Different Models of Rural Tourism, Rural Tourism Business Strategy, Tools to Stimulate Demand for Agri Entrepreneurs, Resources and Supports, Connecting and Collaborating with Communities
  3. Course on how to develop a common strategy that integrates all participating countries and allows for an effective impact on local communities and economy.



Project Manager


Project Manager