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EU Dare

About the Project

The EU Dare project proposes to develop a suite of resources that will increase the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, specifically agroecology, among smallholder farmers across Europe. Agroecology is a holistic and integrated approach that simultaneously applies ecological and social concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable agriculture and food systems.


Project Description

It is no longer possible to look at food, livelihoods, health, and natural resource management separately. Addressing these complex and interdependent challenges requires embracing systems thinking through holistic approaches. EU-DARE will bring together European directives on sustainable agriculture, from the Farm to Fork strategy to the 2030 biodiversity strategy for smallholder farmers in Europe’s rural areas who are the backbone of European agriculture.

EU Dare plans to achieve this through its rigorously researched and up-to-date resources:


  1. The EU Dare Compendium of Good practices: to Illustrate the value of using agroecology for smallholder farmers as a container for improvements in agricultural performance and as a particular means of enabling new, more appropriate sustainable processes. Thus, we show how agroecology helps not only environmental sustainability but also economic sustainability.
  2. The EU Dare Open Education Resources (OERS): Here we will create a comprehensive curriculum with supporting guides for VET educators.  The Modules will focus on 3 macro areas
  • An introduction to agroecology,
  • Demonstrating the link between agroecology and community, and
  • Practical agroecological systems and how to introduce them into their practices.



Paula Whyte

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