European Youth Roots

About the Project

The European Youth Roots is an Erasmus+ project which promotes the involvement of young people in innovative projects in the field of participatory and sustainable tourism.

The project has four key aims:

  1. Raise awareness on the theme of sustainable and inclusive tourism
  2. Develop a coherent strategy to improve and diversify the promotion of sustainable and inclusive tourism services
  3. Recognise, develop and fully exploit the potential of cultural and natural heritage
  4. Produce the results of new innovative approaches to better support competitiveness and employment

The main target group consists of young entrepreneurs active in tourism in rural areas with a declining population and/or in regions suffering from the economic crisis. Trainers, representatives and other staff of tourism-related associations and business advisory and support organisations will also benefit from EYR. It is through them that the results will be transmitted to the final beneficiaries.

The following results will be developed within the framework of this project:
– Awareness Campaign – What is sustainable and inclusive tourism?
– Manual – How to implement participatory, inclusive and sustainable tourism?
– Manual – How to promote the results of your participatory, inclusive and sustainable tourism
– Platform and online community

We are excited to add this project to our portfolio and work to develop the capacity of young people to be custodians of cultural heritage and active players in creating inclusive tourism experiences now and in the future. You can learn more about the project here: or why not follow the project Facebook page


Project Manager


Project Manager