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About the Project

Fairpreneurs empowers youth educators to nurture the next generation of ethical entrepreneurs. We guide them in fostering sustainable businesses that align with the SDGs. By bridging knowledge gaps and developing entrepreneurial skills, we aim to heighten awareness of social and environmental sustainability in entrepreneurship.


Project Description

Studies suggest that young people have a high interest in entrepreneurship, yet only a small fraction start their own businesses due to barriers such as a lack of knowledge, skills, and a fear of failure. The youth of today are politically and ethically involved, as evidenced by movements like Fridays for Future and protests against the Ukraine war. They are the future driving force for sustainable development. However, they need the right tools today to change the world tomorrow.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), integrated into Youth Entrepreneurship Education and operationalised in entrepreneurial action, are such tools. The Fairpreneurs project aims to offer specific, inclusive entrepreneurship education resources to empower young people to start sustainable businesses and promote ethical, sustainable, and fair entrepreneurial behaviour and practices.

In order to achieve this, we will develop and deliver the following learning resources which will be freely accessible:

  • A Compendium of European Good Practice Case studies
  • A Modular Curriculum and  A Training Package that will include OERs and a Knowledge Hub
  • A Sustainable Business Assessment tool

Paula Whyte

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