About the Project

INVOLVE seeks to strengthen the visual literacy of entrepreneurs by introducing innovative visual literacy training into adult entrepreneurship education curriculum and courses.  

Visual literacy is about language, communication and interaction and as such is an increasingly crucial skill for today’s entrepreneurs. However, this importance has not yet led to its teaching being widely introduced into entrepreneurship curriculum. Today’s business environment is very visually oriented. Instagram, social media, tiktok and advertising etc – all image-rich disciplines – have become almost ubiquitous

Within the INVOLVE project we will undertake EU wide research to identify Best Practice in the use of visual literacy education within entrepreneurship education in the adult education sector. This research and exploration will be crafted into three practical adult education resources, these are:

Good Practice Guide Book will motivate educators and organisations to implement these visual pedagogies into their teaching.

INVOLVE Toolkit determines and presents the most relevant, useful and easy-to-use digital graphic, image and video technology and tools, and share this knowledge with the Adult Ed sector so that entrepreneurship educators have the knowledge, skills and resources to improve teaching and learning using visual content.

Visual Literacy for Entrepreneurs online course enables entrepreneurs to develop their visual competences in a very practical manner

You can find out more about these resources and the work of the INVOLVE project here:



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Project Manager