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Leadership for Diversity

About the Project

Leadership for Diversity sees increased school autonomy and a greater focus on schooling and school results have made it essential to reconsider the role of school leaders. The idea of educational leadership for diversity in an increasingly globalized and diversified world, assumes the pressing need for educational leaders to participate in, and to promote, intercultural communication competence as professional development.


Project Description

Intercultural education must make significant advances in the ability of education professionals to work creatively and co-operatively toward change by focusing on school practice, whether in the classroom or within the school. The Leadership for Diversity project intends to improve the professional profiles of the target group and thus, enhance and promote more inclusive schools. Our target groups are head teachers, Principals, trainers, and teaching staff.

Project Objectives 

  • To build leadership for a diversity training programme and online learning environment to improve the professional profiles of the target group and promote more inclusive schools.
  • Innovation through the skills and competencies developed by the project which are more transformative than any current offer of training for the school leaders. We recognize that the training must cover gaps in their knowledge, but also build on their existing skills.
  • Using Design-Based Education, we address intercultural competencies such as positive attitudes toward cultural diversity, communicative ability or competence, ability to handle conflicts in intercultural situations, and awareness of one’s own culture and how it influences one’s own view and interpretation of reality.


Project Results

  • Training programme addressed to school leaders based on diversity management and inclusive education methodologies.
  • Intercultural Education eHub that provides online multilingual, interactive portal enabling direct access to educational resources and skills development activities for teachers.
  • Dissemination, outreach, and exploitation activities.




Lola Gonzalez

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