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Learning for All

About the Project

Learning for All is dedicated to transforming adult education centres across Europe, enhancing their inclusivity and accessibility, particularly in response to current demographic and societal shifts. The project leverages digital tools and innovative educational practices to promote diversity and effective learning.


Project Description

Learning for All is an ambitious initiative aimed at organisational transformation within adult education centres to foster inclusion and diversity effectively. This Erasmus+ funded project emphasises improving recruitment, retention, and upskilling within adult education to address societal challenges highlighted by the ongoing pandemic and geopolitical tensions.

Spanning over 24 months, the project is designed around five strategic Work Packages (WPs), focusing on project management, participatory evaluation, community outreach, capacity building and the sustainability of results. Each package is crafted to address specific aspects of the educational process, from assessing current practices using a digital benchmarking tool to developing an inclusive online course aimed at widespread staff training.

Key outcomes anticipated include the deployment of the Digital Benchmarking Tool for decision-makers, an Outreach Toolkit to enhance marketing skills and community engagement for over 300 staff members and an extensive online course to facilitate essential changes in organizational culture and practices, targeting around 250 staff members. Learning for All plans a robust multichannel marketing campaign to ensure that more than 250 adult education organisations across Europe adopt and utilise these innovative tools and methodologies.

The Learning for All project not only aims to directly impact the involved staff and organisations but also seeks to influence broader educational policy and practice. By embedding inclusivity and diversity into the core operational strategies of adult education centres, the initiative aligns with European priorities for education and integration, ensuring that adult education is a powerful tool for social cohesion and personal empowerment in increasingly diverse societies.

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