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About the Project

Restart Entrepreneurship is an Erasmus+ funded project which will provide training for a previously under-served and fast growing group: entrepreneurs and small business owners who, having experienced closure or bankruptcy, have the potential to establish a new, successful business.

It will form 4 cross sector Regional Alliances to strengthen the use of the knowledge triangle in each participating region in Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain and Bulgaria. These 4 collaborative forums will bring together public and private VET providers, HEIs, small business associations, chambers of commerce and other key stakeholders from local, regional and national governments to:

– share up to date information about the problems, needs and opportunities of second-time entrepreneurs;

– identify best practice support structures and training objectives;

– incorporate findings into a new VET course called “Restart: the Value of Starting Over”;

– generate regional Action Plans committing each stakeholder to individual and collective activities to create a more enabling environment for professional development of second time entrepreneurs.

The result will be to create ongoing relationships between diverse institutions working in the entrepreneurship knowledge triangle and it is this collaborative aspect and shared ownership of the project that will enable the sustained use of the training course for second time entrepreneurs as part of wider regional initiatives.

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