About the Project

REVALORISE+ is an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project (2021-2023) working to enhance the entrepreneurial potential and social impact of social sciences and humanities research. The REValorise+ goal is to develop a new generation of SSH valorisation champions who are empowered and enabled to use their research to impact society.

REVALORISE+ recognises that to date, policy-makers, research funders and university boards have prioritised pursuing the immediate returns of research valorisation through licencing and patenting of the so called ‘hard sciences’ (i.e STEM) over the more intangible, longer-term returns and social impact of activity in the social sciences and humanities (SSH).

REVALORISE+ is a team of SSH experts, academics and researchers with a shared mission and passion to remedy this.  It is exploring and addressing the specific SSH valorisation skills gaps of knowledge and researchers and technology transfer (KT/TT) professionals to develop SSH valorisation capabilities within universities.

It will do this through 6 phases:

  1. Investigation to identify and describe the skills needs of researchers and KT/TT professionals regarding their valorisation activities, efforts, and intentions, to inform the project.
  2. A Training Program for valorisation and academic entrepreneurship skills development for KT/TT professionals and SSH researchers.
  3. Development to capture research primary and secondary assets (research with valorisation potential), identify the researchers willing to valorise their research and match them directly with business or governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. Followed by recruiting them to participate in the HackTheResearch Valorisation Training Programme for researchers.
  4. Toolkits for both KT/TT professionalsparticipating in training and delivering the programme and for SSH researchers participating in the programme.
  5. Capacity Building to share findings of the ReValorise+ project for the benefit of European colleagues and stakeholders through activities such as events, workshops and a European HackTheResearch Pitching Event and Forum.
  6. Sustainability sees partners strengthen the implementation and exploitation efforts of the outputs and outcomes created throughout the REValorise+ project and foster the sustainability of the results of the project. Certificates are granted upon completion of the training programmes.

Certification Model for a Qualification as a Valorisation Professional

Certification Model for a Qualification as a SSH Valorisation Champion



Project Manager


Project Manager

EU Project Specialist

Samantha is our lead on Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances and Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation projects, which bring higher education institutions and businesses together to work on common issues. Through this work, Momentum partners with over 50 leading HEI education bodies across Europe.

With a B. Sc. Communications, TU Dublin, a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, and a Certificate in Psychology, Maynooth University, Samantha utilises her skills and experience in communications and client services to passionately share and promote the work of Spanning Boundaries, SME Cluster Growth, Balance and REVALORISE+.