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Helping SMEs to identify & prevent business crisis

Both young and long-established companies are exposed to a constant risk of crisis. And we certainly have had more than our share of crisis in recent times. External (e.g. Covid 19, Brexit) or internal causes can be decisive: declining demand, delayed adjustments to the company structure and bad debts are just a few examples of problems. In many cases, a crisis can be overcome, and the existence of the company and the jobs associated with it secured by taking TIMELY countermeasures.

The real problem is not the crisis itself, but its early detection and the development of suitable counterstrategies and measures. Companies in advanced crisis phases can usually only react instead of acting. The later the crisis is recognised, the faster the scope for action decreases.

Momentum is delighted to be involved in a project to develop new tools to help SMEs tackle crisis.  We are working on four outputs :

Output 1:  INTERNATIONAL EARLY WARNING SYSTEM FRAMEWORK – comprising an international study on early warning signals and systems as well as countermeasures for business crisis of SMEs and analysing their specific success factors

Output 2: CURRICULUM AND Resources: Including a curriculum, learning objectives, lesson plans, assessment guides, and access to a variety of original teaching content in digital format. These free resources provide business advisor with a complete toolkit for teaching early-stage intervention skills as part of business development programmes, in the classroom or in blended (digital) learning formats. The resources will also be published as OERs for self-learning on the knowledge platform

Output 3:  INTERACTIVE CRISIS ANALYSIS AND SOLUTION TOOLKIT: Based on the framework from Output 1, we will produce a tool for the in-depth analysis of specific corporate crises of SMEs. Based on this analysis, individual information/learning resources and solution approaches to overcome the corporate crisis will be proposed

Output 4:  KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM and OERs adapting the three previous outputs and supplemented with additional learning materials and relevant information, we will develop a fully self-directed learning course for SME owners to access directly.

Our project has a strong and cross representational consortium involving 6 partners from 5 countries – read more on Meet the Team – SECure (


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Project Manager


Project Manager

Founder, Innovator, Educator Multitasking Managing Director, Strategist, Optimist.

Founder of Momentum in 2003, Orla is a business graduate who completed further studies in the areas of European Law and Economics and Marketing. She is a sought-after researcher and facilitator, regeneration specialist and application writer. Working with public and private organisations, Orla brings a clarity of thought and direction to the design and delivery of multi-million regenerative economy strategies and initiatives in Ireland.   

In 2021, her work in regional development and the digital transformation of rural economies was recognised by The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) by Maynooth University and Intel. Orla received their ‘IVI Award for Regional Impact’ for her work and impact on regional ecosystems and collaborations.  

Impact on regional ecosystems is part of Orla (and Momentum’s) core mission. Momentum’s very first client back in 2003 was Drumshanbo Community Council, supported by Leitrim CEB, who sought to assess the potential of a multitenant food hub to replace jobs lost through factory closure.  Orla has proudly supported The Food Hub consistently over almost 20 years of growth. It is now an award-winning social enterprise, now supporting employment of over 130 people, a formula that has been replicated now all over Europe.  

Transfer of innovation to between Ireland and Europe is something Orla is very passionate about and over the years she has built strategic alliances with European leaders such as MUAS, Le Laba and xxxx.   

A proud Rossie now living in Co. Galway, Orla is married to Enda (with the marital name of Felle, Orla is officially a fallen woman!), and is Mam to busy twins Sadie and Paddy, a dynamic duo that keep her on her toes. 

LinkedIn: Orla Casey | LinkedIn