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Smart Skills

About the Project

The SMART SKILLS project is driven by the imperative to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of small and family farms in rural areas. Recognising the low adoption of innovative technologies and modern practices, which hampers competitiveness and environmental sustainability, SMART SKILLS aims to transform the agricultural sector through elevated digital proficiencies and innovation transfer.


Project Description

Primary Objectives:

  • Digital Proficiency & Innovation: Elevate digital skills and facilitate the transfer of innovative technologies within the agricultural sector.
  • Climate Action & SDGs: Address the urgent challenges of climate change and align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Rural Viability: Ensure the long-term viability and resilience of rural communities.

Climate-Smart Focus: At its core, SMART SKILLS is an eco-centric initiative that integrates cutting-edge digital technology with sustainable farming principles. The project will equip VET Educators and empower farmers not only to enhance efficiency but also to become responsible stewards of the environment, promoting practices that support both productivity and ecological sustainability.

SMART SKILLS will directly engage three primary groups: smallholders and employees in the agro enterprise, VET educators, Rural development agents and stakeholders. The multi-faceted approach will foster skills, build communities, and drive systemic change in Smart – Sustainable – Agriculture.

Through a mix of Smart Toolkits, an Interactive Platform, and A ‘Train the Trainer’  programme, Smart Skills will provide a comprehensive solution to the digital skills gaps and low adoption rates.

  • The Smart Toolkit will feature inspirational case studies and a comprehensive kit of OERs to improve digital skills in the agro-sector, ensuring farmers & educators have access to essential knowledge and tools.
  • The Smart Skills Platform will be established to boost the adoption of digital technology among target groups (TGs), facilitating seamless integration of modern practices and this will be aligned with The EU Digital Strategy and the UN SDGs
  • Train the Trainer Programme will equip and empower educators developing a skilled workforce that advocates for digital and sustainable agricultural practices.

Paula Whyte

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