Spanning Boundaries

About the Project

Spanning Boundaries aims to empower and enable university and business professionals to make a stronger contribution to regional economic and social development by providing knowledge, support and a closer engagement with each other and their environment.

Whilst, universities and industry working in close cooperation are engines of innovation, it is PEOPLE who are the most crucial factor in transferring knowledge and innovation across institutions, mobilising resources, triggering organisational change, and making a difference in their regions. More than ever, there is a need to “span boundaries” between these institutions, which is why the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project “Spanning Boundaries Development Programme” was created.

Spanning Boundaries is currently working to:

1. identify the qualities, knowledge and skills set that describes HEI staff, faculty, and leadership as boundary spanners
2. design and pilot test an experiential learning programme on the concept in collaboration with partner business representative organisations
3. extend the reach of the programme to staff from the businesses, and
4. generate and disseminate replicable tools for HEIs and SMEs across Europe.

All of these objectives will be achieved with the experience and collaboration of a diverse group of 10 partners, made up of 4 HEIs, 3 SMEs, a chamber of commerce, a regional development agency, and a European wide network from 8 European countries.

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