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Start on Sustainability (SOS)

About the Project

Welcome to the Start on Sustainability project, an initiative designed to assist Europe's small businesses in adopting eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to equip these essential contributors to the EU economy with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to make sustainability a practical and achievable objective.


Project Description

In Europe, there are many businesses which are very small. These are called micro-enterprises, or micro businesses. Even though they are a small business, they can still have an impact on the environment. These businesses can contribute to issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, but most of them do not have a plan for operating in more environmentally friendly way.

The “Start on Sustainability” (SOS) project aims to help micro-enterprises in Europe adapt to environmentally friendly practices. SMEs, particularly micro-enterprises, form a large part of Europe’s economy and significantly impact the environment through emissions and pollution. Many lack a sustainability plan, crucial for efficiency and cost savings, especially during energy crises. SOS seeks to change this by partnering with training organisations, business advisors, and self-employed groups to develop a sustainability program.

The project aims to encourage eco-friendly practices, supporting the EU’s green economy strategies and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, making a substantial environmental impact through small businesses.

There are three primary target groups for the SOS project:

  • People who own or work in very small businesses
  • People who help or teach businesses
  • Groups involved in business and education

The resources of the project will include:

  • A Sustainability Starter Kit- A publication introducing sustainability to micro-enterprises.
  • Launch Action Plan App- an app that identifies sustainability issues specific to micro businesses which will also develop a custom action plan.
  • Creation of Sustainability Networking Hub – A hub for networking, solution exchange, and innovative business adoption while storing knowledge and showcasing learner experiences.
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