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VET Compass

About the Project

The VETCompass project addresses a significant gap in the current educational landscape. The project, launched with the pivotal question, “What are the skills that all VET Teachers need to better facilitate the dual transition, prepare students for tomorrow’s labour market and how can we detect them?”.


Project Description

The VETCompass project is committed to developing a comprehensive assessment framework and tool for evaluating the transversal competencies of VET teachers, trainers, and staff. Additionally, a toolbox library will be created to provide targeted resources that support VET institutions in promoting the continuous professional development of their staff.

VET teachers require dual competencies: theoretical and practical knowledge in their subject areas, and the skills to effectively impart this knowledge to a diverse group of students. The evolving teaching and learning environment, particularly the increasing use of digital technologies, necessitates that VET teachers possess a broad range of transversal skills, including digital and soft skills.

This initiative aligns with the Field Specific Priorities of improving quality assurance and increasing the attractiveness of VET. It also addresses the Horizontal Priority of digital transformation, enhancing the digital readiness and capacity of VET institutions and educators. The project’s alignment with frameworks like DigCompEdu, UNESCO’s Competency Framework for Teachers, and the ISTE Standards for Educators positions it as a pivotal contributor to the advancement of VET quality and educator development.

There are four primary objectives for the VETCompass project:

  • Develop a specialised Transversal Skills Assessment Framework for VET teachers, trainers, and staff.
  • Compile a comprehensive document highlighting areas for enhancement and modification within the framework.
  • Foster a collaborative environment among project partners to collectively develop and refine the identified areas.
  • Contribute to the continuous professional development of VET teachers, trainers, and staff by providing an updated and robust Transversal Skills Assessment Framework.
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