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Digital Balance

Growing scientific evidence from workers in digital environments has shown that the unconstrained use of devices can have a very strong negative consequence. The difficulty of effective interpersonal communication causes higher stress, while heavy screen use is linked to eyesight problems and headaches. The term” Technostress” is caused both by technology and organizational expectations that […]

Day One in Europe

The aim of DAY 1 IN EUROPE is to develop tools enabling those involved in education to use the native languages of migrant children as a resource for all pupils, and not as a marker of difference. Communication in the native language is one of the European Union’s key competences for lifelong learning. The migration […]


SHINE will upskill women with the knowledge and behaviours necessary to confidently and successfully transition into leadership roles in their third sector/community workplace. SHINE targets female staff of nonprofit sector organisations who come from disadvantaged backgrounds economically and/or have few formal qualifications, form part of a minority or immigrant community and women that can transfer […]

Wil Power

The objective of Wil Power is clear: to develop innovative vocational education and training that will assist women working in transport and logistics to progress to leadership roles within their companies and organizations. The EU Logistics sector, including transport and supply chain industries, is one of the largest and most developed in the world: fast […]


To guarantee the widest possible use, we involve adult education organisations, trainers, NGOs and support structures (incubators, chambers e.g.) in our work and enable them to professionalise themselves and their services. Specifically, ECAFE will: IO1- develop a comprehensive toolbox, which presents state of the art methods for the development of an Entrepreneurial Mindset and for […]


“Empowering Regional Actors & Stakeholders for Migrant and Refugee Inclusion” (ERASMI) is a three-year Erasmus+ project to identify innovative and interesting approaches to network collaboration in the field of migrant and refugee inclusion/integration. The main goal of ERASMI is to ensure that communities are strengthened by migration and not undermined by marginalization or radicalization. Led […]

European Stories

European Stories is an Erasmus+ project which is working to enhance the cultural diversity of European regions by exploring the intersection of inclusion and participation of language, culture, tourism and storytelling. EU Stories project aims to; Bring together groups and individuals from different local communities and encourage them to create and tell stories that add value to local […]

Include Her

INCLUDE HER is increasing the digital skills of HEI managers and academic staff to implement an innovative approach to empower female migrants in higher education to attain higher levels of digital skills, with the aim to redress the gender imbalance in the digital sphere. The digital gender gap is most acute among migrant/refugees who, as […]

Include Me

The INCLUDE ME – Inclusion Through Mediation Project aims to empower learners, activists and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and their wider area. Mediation is a tool which is underutilised by many countries, communities and wider education and support groups, the main reason being a lack of understanding and education surrounding this […]

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