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Better Futures – Enabling Young Refugee Entrepreneurs Resources

The Better Futures Project aims to facilitate the empowerment of young refugees and asylum seekers, to achieve economic independence by helping them become successful entrepreneurs. We’ve been busy working on a number of resources along with our project partners; EUEI, National Enterprise Network, KulturLife, Tern, and VYRE.

All the resources are free and you can complete them in your own time:

The Online course is specially designed for young Refugees interested in exploring the possibility of setting up their own business. It includes many real-life experiences of refugees who have successfully set up their own business, together with tips, insights and many useful activities to support you in your start-up journey. Course link:

The Entrepreneurial Assessment is a short assessment tool to provide you with an initial indication of how entrepreneurial you are and also to give guidance on how you can build your entrepreneurial skills. Click here to begin your assessment.

We have developed the Better Futures Rapid Entrepreneurial Assessment Tool as an easy-to-use digital resource that entrepreneurship educators can use with young refugees to assess their unique aptitudes and skills. It is designed to help business advisers and entrepreneur educators in their work with the young person; to determine their next steps and ensure fast-track support for those with most potential to start a business.

The Practice Guide features 22 of the most innovative and inclusive practices from a wide study we (The Better Futures partnership) have conducted on inclusive European entrepreneurship programmes. In our best practice selection, we have been mindful to select practices which can improve how you reach and teach entrepreneurship to young refugees and newcomers. We have developed this practical resource to guide your youth-serving entrepreneurship organization in the adaptation of your programmes, entrepreneurship training content and learning spaces so that you can encourage and enable the full participation and entrepreneurial development of young refugees and newcomers in your work.

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Better Futures – Enabling Young Refugee Entrepreneurs is an Erasmus+ project brings together partners from the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, and Denmark. 

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