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GEM – Helping Enterprises Grow – Pilot Testing

The past couple of months have been a very busy and exciting time at Momentum. Throughout February and March 2021, we along other business coaches from across Europe have been busy putting the Erasmus+ Growing European Micro-enterprise project (GEM) to the test as they commence pilot testing of the GEM Learning Portal with the launch of GEM’s 12 Learning Journeys spanning different aspects of coaching enterprises for growth.

So what have we been doing?

Momentum have commenced its pilot test of the Growing European Micro-enterprise project (GEM) with 15 Irish pilot testers, who in addition to benefiting from the 12 GEM Learning Journeys on different aspects of coaching enterprises for growth, they will have the advantage of one-to-one support from a Momentum mentor as they progress through the GEM Learning Portal and use GEM’s wealth of practical coaching tools to complement their own coaching practices.

The Irish GEM pilot testers span experienced business coaches and consultants to those that are new to the industry and are seeking to develop their skills further or to specialize in high growth business coaching.  As the other GEM partners, Momentum will complete a series of mini case studies in which participants will share their experience of completing the GEM course.

The information and feedback from this pilot stage will enable us to tweak and perfect the GEM Learning Portal before we launch it. This will mean that our aim to develop the next generation of High Growth Enterprise Coaches through continuous professional development that the Portal provides, will undoubtedly be a resounding success.

Momentum has developed the learning platform, keeping our web development team of Ivan and Enda very busy with 12 learning journeys and resources packs available in four languages on our multilingual site.   To help navigate the wealth of materials available, we commissioned a really cool explainer video. Check it out on Learning Journey Intro – GEM Helping Enterprises Grow (

To read more about the progress of the project, you can visit the website and we will be updating our Facebook page as this project progresses.

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