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A little pain can bring new focus!

Like many businesses Momentum has been through a little pain of late, but sometimes tough times in business can make us look at innovating what we do, playing to our strengths and generally giving ourselves a good kick-start to move in a more lucrative direction.  Momentum is 11 .5 years old – hard to believe !  In that time, we have actually changed the way we work very little.


Admission – we were so busy doing what we do, we neglected to innovate ourselves.  We are still doing what we did  11.5 years ago, albeit with fresh and current approaches.  The basis of what we offer and how we offer it is the same, whether that be business planning, devising great marketing campaigns, training people to be better at what they do, finding funding etc..  While we really love what we do, we realise that delivering these supports in an unchanged way has become a weakness. We need to be smarter in our delivery, to use those 11.5 years of wisdom and learning (and the pre Momentum years of experience !) to be a dynamic force of change.  So, not content with just taking on one new project, we are now embarking on two new exciting ventures.


Firstly, Momentum courses are going online and global!  Yes, we will still deliver training in Ireland and in the EU but we are in the process of setting up to act as an online hub for some brilliant niche entrepreneurship training. To be able to reach a whole new audience with our proven materials is such an exciting challenge but we are loving it!  With go live planned for September, we are crafting our new learning products and will share more details in the coming weeks.


Secondly, many of you will know that Momentum has been a funding expert for many years. We love nothing more than the challenge of finding the right funding opportunity for our clients and maximising their application success.  Increasingly this work has gone beyond Ireland into Europe.  So, together with our great friend Canice Hamill (Orla has worked with Canice for over 16 years in various guises and in different roles), we have just launched euroco – your key to Europe –  .  Our motivation ?  So many organisations we talk to see the benefits of being involved in European projects but struggle to connect with the right funding opportunity at the right time.


While this change is exciting, daunting, costly and rewarding (yes all at the same time!), Momentum is still very much open for business as usual. We are working on culinary tourism, creative workspace hubs, food entrepreneurship, market launches, digital marketing projects, labour activation programmes and so much more at the moment.   So, the message is .. don’t be afraid to reinvent yourselves, refocus and innovate how you do your business.  As our good friend Kevin Kelly relates (& someone else before him) – keep doing what you doing, keep getting what you got!

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