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Taste Leitrim Masterclass – Join Laura on May 30th

Apologies in advance, this may sound like an Oscar acceptance speech but delivering a Taste Leitrim Marketing event is something I am more than proud of!

First let me tell you about Taste Leitrim and its food heroes. This team are the bomb diggity, fact! They are part of the reason Leitrim is one of the happiest places to live in! The food businesses of Leitrim will tell you themselves in a more than a confident note that they are ‘A collective of happy people’, ‘We’re proud and passionate people about the business of food and hospitality and where we do it’, ‘We’re people people, we really care about our customers’. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that!

Over 10 years ago I left my home county Leitrim and headed to sunny Australia, like so many seeking possible opportunities. This year I am delighted to have finally moved back with my feet firmly on this glorious Leitrim soil again. Leitrim has always been more than home for me, it is a place where I feel most at peace soaking up the beautiful landscapes, excited by the conversations with the amazing people and feeling my best because I know this is exactly where I belong.

When I started working again with Orla Casey, Momentum, Leitrim Village one of my first projects was working with Leitrim Enterprise Office on the Leitrim Food Strategy and the Leitrim Taste ‘Ultimate Guide, Food Map & Itinerary’ and ‘Producers Guide’. My job was to put the information together by working directly with the food businesses and making sure I put the Taste Leitrim food heroes on a distinctive platform they so deserved, could call their own and drive Taste Leitrim forward. From the beginning I was excited working on this project. I quickly learned how amazing, diversified and dedicated Leitrim food entrepreneurs were to their customers, business and county.

From this project alone (only 1 part of the overall Leitrim Food Strategy) I wanted to shout from the hilltops how bloody amazing these guys are and what they do. How they have meticulously mastered and firmly rooted Leitrim and all its uniqueness, the local farmer and his produce into their recipes, produce and dishes. You can get anything you fancy from Vegan, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, Fine Dining to the more Traditional meal. Drive along the picturesque landscapes and stop at some wonderful coffee shops using vintage china, pop into bakeries full of the most wonderful delights and restaurants that use only the highest quality of the finest ingredients making the tastiest dishes around. The focus is always on the customer, its immense, the pride they present is inspiring and the feeling you get when you walk into their establishments is infectious.

Together Taste Leitrim food producers, LEO and Momentum have worked so hard to produce the Ultimate Taste Leitrim Guide, Itinerary & Map and Producers Guide putting us firmly on the map and in the hands of our highly valued customers. Being distributed since March 2018 and they continue to be an absolute hit, we have now landed on our incredible journey at the Taste Leitrim Marketing Masterclass.

I couldn’t be more-proud to deliver such an important part to our journey:

The Taste Leitrim Marketing Masterclass will be in Lough Rynn Castle, Wednesday 30 May, 9:00 – 12:30 pm.

This FREE event will focus on the areas that I can further enhance and complement with my marketing and SME training expertise.

Are you involved in marketing a food or culinary business in Letrim – Book your place for this free event!

After 20 years working with SMEs and Marketing in both Ireland and Australia I can safely say Leitrim is well up there among the best of the best this will be another sealed stamp propelling and strengthening our Taste Leitrim food destination brand.


What Will be Covered in the Taste Leitrim Marketing Masterclass;

  • Effective marketing that works and gets you on the map no matter where you are.
  • Get your customers and community to be your ambassadors – they will be singing your name!
  • Increase your sales by infusing customer reviews into your Marketing Strategy.
  • Get in front of 1000’s of potential customers and increase frequency of visits.
  • Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • Engaging with your customers the way they want, find out where they are and how to connect with them.
  • Relying on Facebook may not be the best foot forward in the future, what else in needed.
  • Era of food porn and social media platforms – watch the orders roll in!
  • An optimised website is the equivalent to having a restaurant or food shop in every part of the world – get ready to welcome new and repeat customers!
  • How to get listed on national and local food apps. This is how customers are finding where to eat or buy their food from.


If you haven’t already got your hands on the Taste Leitrim Marketing Toolkit and Food Styling Guide, Logo for your Website, Bumper Sticker, Taste Leitrim YouTube Channel content you are missing out on some of the best resources out there. Grab it today, you will say to yourself ‘This is exactly what I needed’.


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