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The Activate Project – A Closer Look

As we come to the end of our Activate Social Prescribing for People and Communities project, we will take a look at the fantastic resources that have been produced as part of the project. The goal of Activate was to promote social prescribing across Europe to empower adults to improve their health literacy and take responsibility for their own health.

Social Prescribing is a powerful, proven community mechanism to improve the physical, emotional, mental wellbeing of adults by connecting you to non-medical community-based sources of supports.

While the benefits of social prescribing are vast & the process relatively simple, social prescribing is still a relatively unknown community approach to embedding lifelong learning as a resource for living. The Activate Social Prescribing for Community Learning project seeks to promote the principle of social prescribing to adults across EU.

The Activate project partners have worked to create the following resources, which you can take at your leisure:

The Health Literacy Empowerment Guide for Adults. The Mind Yourself Now guide encompasses 11 vital topics that cover how to get started with social prescribing.

The Compendium of Social Prescribing. The Compendium of Social Prescribing Examples is a collection of 35 European case studies.   It presents a variety of different examples of the types of projects, groups and activities which have tremendous potential in the sphere of social prescribing and/or are already having an impact on the health and wellbeing of those involved in them.

ACTIVATE Social Prescribing Training Course/Open Educational Resources have been developed and designed by community-based health professionals to provide information, resources, and support for the continued professional development of health and care professionals in an open and accessible way.

Introduction to Social Prescribing Course. This is an introductory course to Social Prescribing for Social/Cultural Service educators. A training course on how to create new or tailored cultural and social adult education lessons that deliver socially prescribed health and wellbeing benefits.

We’d like to thank our project partners for their hard work on this project: New Lodge Duncairn Community Health Partnership, Roscommon Leader Partnership, iasis, European E-Learning Institute, Ageing Lab, Le Laba and Pôle Culture & Santé.

More information on Activate can be found on the project page HERE.

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