Creative Communities First

About the Project

Creative Communities First is designed to support HEI educators to digitally transform their teaching methods and rejuvenate small, local, creative communities in the process.

COVID19 decimated the creative economy and in recent years it has needed saving. The creative industries add hundreds of millions of euros to European economies but during the COVID19 pandemic, due to restrictions and the social distancing paradigm thousands of creative collectives lost ways to promote and sell their work.

At the same time, at European Universities the sudden shift to online and distance learning has led to their so-called “third mission” (the economic and social mission of the university and its contribution to communities) being lost.

Creative Communities First (CCF) was designed to simultaneously solve these two crucial COVID-related problems. CCF’s main aim is to support HEI educators to digitally transform their teaching methods via e-service learning and online hackathons leading to increased levels of 21st century skills of staff and students and also – the rejuvenation of small, local, creative communities in the process.

The main results of Creative Communities First will be achieved via 3 outputs and 4 multiplier events which will result in attitudinal change, knowledge acquisition and/or skills development of HEI educators and students and creative industries communities in particular collectives of artists, craftspeople, writers, film makers and software designers.

Project Manager

Head of EU Projects

A firm believer in open innovation and transnational cooperation Grace is head of our EU project team. She brings strategic direction to our work by building and maintaining powerful EU connections and originating game changing projects. Her passion projects are those which create impact on rural economies and communities, foster inclusion and embrace next generation digital technology.  

Grace has over 10 years’ experience working on EU projects, is an entrepreneur and has a strong academic background with a BA in New Media and English and continuing professional development in the realms of education, communications and marketing. Grace lives on a dairy farm in rural South East Galway with her husband Raymond and their son Paddy. She affectionately calls the milking parlour on the farm her ‘Think tank’ as she some of her best ideas have come to her there. 

LinkedIn: Grace Roche | LinkedIn