About the Project

DETOUR is an Erasmus+ working to upskill VET educators and Tourism SME’s about the potential of wellbeing tourism, an emerging European Tourism Megatrend which can increase their competitiveness, inspire new wellbeing tourism products/services and develop even stronger unique value propositions.

It is clear that wellbeing tourism is an expanding niche market globally, providing specific business opportunities through products that promote or maintain health. In 2017, tourism centred on health and wellbeing grew by more than 9%, almost 50% faster than overall global tourism. Today, a return to nature, renewed awareness of the environment, the rediscovery of local identity, and the search for both physical and psychological wellbeing have resulted in new wellbeing and slow tourism opportunities for tourism destinations and providers, and importantly for the destinations they are embedded in.

We are currently work on:

  • A resource pack for VET tourism educators, policy makers, tourism bodies and stakeholders to learn the necessary components and tactics required to create regional wellbeing destinations (IO1)
  • A framework for sustainable collaboration between VET, HE and tourism business (DETOUR Communities of Practice – IO2)
  • A Wellbeing Opportunities for Regions/Destinations training programme for Tourism SME’s (IO3) available in two formats – 1) which can be delivered by tourism education providers and 2) direct online training modalities via our DETOUR MOOC (IO4)

The DETOUR Erasmus+ Project brings together partners from Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal and Slovenia.

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Project Manager