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About the Project

There has never been a more important time to empower local communities to take control of their energy transition processes, and e-coop is leading the way with an innovative focus on energy cooperatives and community building. Join us in our mission towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future!


Project Description

Welcome to the e-coop project, where we’re taking a deep dive into the energy transition processes in rural areas. Our focus is on the crucial role that energy cooperatives can play in these processes. This ERASMUS+ project is on a mission to uncover the key factors that make energy cooperatives the perfect structure to kick-start and involve all relevant stakeholders in the transition process.

As we analysed the real situation about energy transition in Europe, we found that the global economic system is still heavily dependent on the depletion of natural resources, causing continuous degradation and contamination of natural systems, increased greenhouse gas emissions and a decline in biodiversity. That’s why our innovative project e-coop is addressing these critical priorities, with a focus on the environment and the fight against climate change.

Our goal is to provide flexibility in vocational education and training, connecting transition activities and experiments in rural areas to energy cooperatives, and empowering behavioural change in communities. e-coop aims to build capacity and social capital through training, advice, facilitation, and assistance with group formation and establishment, all while clarifying administrative processes and procedures, developing funding proposals, identifying appropriate organizational models, and implementing effective strategies.

Unlike other projects that only focus on energy activities, we believe in the power of building communities and social capital. We’re working hard to enhance the understanding and management of funding and resources through RDPs and other EU and national funding sources. Our pioneering project is the first of its kind, blazing a trail towards a more sustainable future. Join us in our mission towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable world.

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