About the Project

“Empowering Regional Actors & Stakeholders for Migrant and Refugee Inclusion” (ERASMI) is a three-year Erasmus+ project to identify innovative and interesting approaches to network collaboration in the field of migrant and refugee inclusion/integration.

The main goal of ERASMI is to ensure that communities are strengthened by migration and not undermined by marginalization or radicalization. Led by Hochschule Harz (HS Harz), Germany –, with partners in  Ireland, (Momentum),  Turkey, Italy and Denmark, ERASMI aims to enable all relevant actors, stakeholders and organisations (esp. VET organisations, Governmental administrations, municipalities, NGOs, HEIs) to gain the skills and tools needed to develop and implement regional cooperation formats in order to meet and come across the regional challenges in the field of migrant and refugee integration.

Specifically, we will deliver the following Intellectual Outputs (IOs):
1. Provide actors with best practice (collaboration) blueprints in the field of multi-actor migrant and refugee inclusion (IO1)
2. Develop an innovative learning framework and toolkit (IO2) empowering actors to enhance the impact of their social work
3. Enable and empower actors to improve collaborative planning and coordination of educational activities in Inter-Agency Networks with regional action plans for social inclusion (IO3)
4. To ensure wide and free access, the framework and the documented processes and lessons learned from the networks will be shared on our interactive knowledge exchange platform as OERs (IO4).

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Project Manager